Saturday, June 18, 2005

Pak's image abroad

I can see Musharraf's viewpoint on not wanting to project the retrogressive image of the country abroad. What I have an issue with is his own wishy-washy approach to eradicating women's, or for that matter, the extremist issue. I see lack of consistency and actions invalidating the overall policy that the government purportedly follows.

Is this treading the fine line of politics or lack of sincerity or just a simple matter of lack of courage of conviction?

Any thoughts?


Blogger Ahmad Faruqui said...

I will just comment on your observation that Musharraf was well intentioned in trying to protect the image of Pakistan abroad by placing the gang rape victim's name on the Orwellian Exit Control List (ECL). But it backfired. Pakistan's image was hit hard by his actions and he was forced to rescind the crass ECL placement.

Ironically, this policy "boomeranged" on him when he was in the land where the term boomerang originated.

Does this remind anyone of what happened in Kargil?

He tries to solve one problem and creates a bigger one.

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